He’s Not That Complicated: 7 Secrets to Escape a Broken Heart

He’s Not That Complicated

He's not that complicatedI love listening to other people’s stories.

Especially, I love listening to other people’s love stories. It really makes me happy when I see a happy couple who have made it through their difficult times, and are now deeply in love. But the more stories I listen to, the more I realize that men and women aren’t that different – we both have difficulties finding and creating that perfect relationship we all desire.

If you are like most women still struggling with their relationship, you’re probably confused and frustrated why things aren’t going your way. You’re wondering why you never get a text back from him, or you wonder why you attract one abusive relationship after another. You wonder why you put so much into your relationship, but only get brokenhearted in return.

In other words: why are men so difficult to figure out?

Was it something I said?
Am I not pretty enough?
Is there someone else?

The more you think these thoughts, the more anxious and terrified you are of losing him. Paradoxically, the more you are afraid of losing him, the higher the chance becomes of you actually losing him – nothing drives a man away more than a woman who is needy!

Do you know the 7 decoder secrets?

Listen to the thoughts of these other women, who were once in a sticky situation themselves:

I wish I always know what to say and do in every situation – Thuy

I kept chasing his love but could never catch it – Catherine

I wish I could have a crystal ball into my guy’s mind – Kristen

I’m 38 and almost gave up on dating – Kenisha

I was afraid I would have to get a divorce – Nicole

I haven’t been on a date in 5 years – Sharon

Fortunately, these women are now in the relationship of their dreams. They made it through their difficult times, but they didn’t do it alone. They had the help of two people, who let them in on the “7 men decoder” secrets that helped them to finally break the code and figure out men.

Just like a flip of a switch, these women were able to get their man to commit and give them that exclusive relationship they’ve been wanting from their man.

7 Decoder Secrets Video

So what are the 7 men decoder secrets?

I’ll share one with you, but you have to watch the video to know them all. The #1 decoder secret is that men want to win. Wanting to become a winner is a core driving force in a man’s life – it’s what makes a man fall in love, stay in love, and be committed forever.

What would you do in your relationship so that your man feels like a winner? What would you do things differently? What would you say, and how would you treat him (and treat yourself) so that this relationship makes him a winner?

This is just one of the 7 secrets that you can instantly apply today. These decoder secrets are what you can find inside the new book “He’s Not That Complicated”.

This book is the work of Eric Charles, the “dating decoder” and his partner, Sabrina Alexis, a famous relationship advice writer. Together, they have helped countless men and women create more rewarding relationships and fulfilling lives.

Because that’s what you really want isn’t it? To be in love and to be happy.

The 7 decoder secrets are based on actual male psychology research (Eric is a psychology graduate, so that’s how he knows). It’s a “trick” to make that one special man fall in love completely with you – even if you’ve been together for years!

Even if you apply just ONE of these 7 decoder secrets, you’ll be saved a lot of time and a lot of heartache. Isn’t that worth spending a few minutes to watch this short video?

You’ve been punishing yourself too hard.

It’s not about how pretty you think you look. It’s not about something you said (well, it’s MOSTLY not about what you say). He really isn’t that complicated you know.

You don’t have to change who you are. You don’t have to do anything embarrassing, and you certainly don’t have to change the way you look.

You just need to learn the 7 decoder secrets that will make your man become a lovestruck puppy and want you to become the only woman in his life.

Time is running out to capture his heart. Watch this video, and save yourself another weekend of heartache.

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